Nordic Walking

Here in Mariapfarr, one of the trendiest sports around, Nordic Walking, has managed to become well and truly established. No wonder, then, that the sunniest town in Austria also boasts the country’s biggest network of Nordic Walking trails.
Nordic Walking, when done correctly, improves physical fitness and aerobic endurance (cardiovascular system), while it also reduces weight.
In addition to the legs, the upper body is also strengthened through targeted use of Nordic Walking techniques.
Less strain is placed on the joints, while mobility in the shoulder and neck area improves.
Nordic Walking trails are generally away from traffic, they’re kind on the joints, and usable both in summer and winter.

Totaling 119 km in length, you can look forward to:

  • 15 marked Nordic Walking trails
  • Ranging from 3.1 km to 14.5 km in length
  • Uphill stretches from 600 m to 6,100 m
  • And a total elevation gain of 400 m

15 Nordic Walking trails are available here for download.

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